Atlanta Trip: CNN Studio Tour

Atlanta: CNN Studio Tour
After visiting the World of Coca-Cola, my colleague Sally and myself walked for a few minutes into another top attraction in the city of Atlanta.  This is to check out the headquarters of I think the most famous news network in the world, the Cable News Network or more famous as CNN.

And just like Coca-Cola, Atlanta is also CNN’s home base.  The CNN headquarters is located just across the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. It is  just a few meters from the Georgia World Congress Center where I went to for the Atlanta Comic Convention.

The CNN Center in Atlanta, as I learned during the tour, is located in what was once an indoor amusement park.  Its the first of its kind and was called The World of Sid and Marty Kroft.  The CNN Studio tour takes about 55 minutes and runs about every 30 minutes. Standard rate for the tour costs $15 which can be bought at the main atrium.

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Atlanta Trip: World of Coca-Cola

Atlanta Trip: World of Coca-ColaDuring my first weekend in Atlanta, I took a drive down to the downtown area with my colleague Sally. We headed to checkout two of the most famous attractions of Atlanta.  This day we visited the World of Coca-Cola and took a studio tour into the CNN Center.  On this blog I’ll focus our trip into the World of Coca-Cola.

The World of Coca Cola is located next to the Georgia Aquarium and the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.  The World of Coca-Cola is an indoor exhibition that features all about everyone’s favorite and probably the most famous soda drink in the world. This attraction is also located just a few blocks from where the headquarters of Coca-Cola is located.

The World of Coca-Cola is a modern building that stands right next to a park and the Georgia Aquarium beside it. One interesting feature of the building is that it has this glass tower which contains the image of the iconic Coke bottle.

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10 Must See Places in the Philippines

Must See Places in Philippines

Southeast Asia has been one of the most famous destinations for many backpackers and holidaymakers coming from Europe or the Northern Americas.   Among the more famous tourist routes include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.  Tourists would usually go straight to Bangkok or fly to Singapore.  Some would include Indonesia to visit Bali.

With tourist arrivals are high on these countries, the Philippines is still trailing behind.  Well maybe, I guess, is due to the fact that the countries I’ve stated all border each other, except most of Indonesia.  This makes backpacking easier as tourists can simply take a bus or take hours long of train rides to reach the neighboring country.  This is compared to the Philippines wherein the main means to reach is by air travel.

With a more challenging means to reach the Philippines, many simply skip the country.  Many probably do not know much about the Philippines except maybe that it’s a group of islands and maybe because of the thousands of shoes of Imelda Marcos, plus the other political problems we had in the past.

And so, what do tourists are probably missing as they skip the Philippines in their itineraries?

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Walking Through the Forbidden City

PauTravels looking at the Forbidden City from above

I had a rare opportunity of entering a city that was once limited for people of royal blood, known to be the Forbidden City.  On August of 2005, along with a colleague, we flew to the capital city of the sleeping dragon, Beijing, China.

With a business trip to the industrial port city of Xiamen, we have decided to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Beijing.  This is one of the best side trips that I’ve took though it lasted only 2 days.  With the help Travellerspoint, we were able to find a cheap hotel located in one of Beijing’s hutong areas called the Jingshan Hotel.  And from our hotel in Xiamen, Sofitel, we were able to purchase our round trip plane tickets to Beijing and back to Xiamen to catch our flight back to Manila.

On my birthday, we fly to Beijing early in the morning and was picked up by our hotel.  The hotel is situated near the Jingshan Park and arrived there before noon.  To save our stay in Beijing, we decided to take a walk as soon as we’ve settled our things.

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San Francisco’s Charm

PauTravels First Trip to San Francisco

Why does San Francisco attracts people around the world?  Is it because of its cable cars, its steep-sloped streets, its cold weather, the crooked road of Lobard Street, the rows of Victorian styled architecture, or the famous Golden Gate Bridge?  Well I think all of the above.

On the 9th of December, Sunday, we took a trip to see the Golden Gate and the rest of the city.  From Milpitas, we took a drive through US 101 to see this world famous bridge.  But before we go directly to the Golden Gate area, we first drove to St. Mary’s Cathedral on Gough Street to attend mass.  Along the way to the cathedral, we saw blocks and blocks of Victorian houses.  It looked wonderful and very picturesque, seeing whole communities that follow a specific architectural design.  Makes me want to have one.

The mass that we attended in St. Mary’s was the 11AM mass where the cathedral choir is performing.  From the outside, the cathedral looked like a big white box.  But when we saw inside, it was beautiful.  It had a high ceiling where on its four sides run a line of tainted glass that meet up at the center of the high ceiling forming a cross.  And on top of the altar hang this big chime-like chandelier that looked very beautiful.

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Philippines, How Much Have I Seen of You?

My home country, the Philippines, is an archipelagic nation of 7,107 islands that is situated in the South East Asian region.  It is a tropical country bounded by three bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the West Philippine Sea to the west, and the Celebes Sea to the south.  It is basically composed of three island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The country’s population is pegged at 88 Million, 90% o which are Roman Catholics.  A smaller percentage of the population is composed of Muslim Filipinos who generally reside at the southern islands.  The Philippines also has a long history of Spanish colonization, 333 years in total.  This is still evident with Hispanic architecture left.  The Philippines was discovered by the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Megallan under the Spanish flag in 1521.  Then it was also under the US Commonwealth rule for 40 years.

The Philippines is also composed of a diverse group of people with hundreds of different dialects though English is a second language.  And each of its 7000+ islands has a distinct characteristic on its own.  And on this journal, I’ll be listing down the different places in this country of mine that I have visited and possibly my experience with Philippine culture.  And I’ll be linking any blog that I’d be writing for each destination.

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Where Have I Been?

Here I will be logging all the different places that I have been outside the Philippines.  I’ll be linking my other travel blogs to the places I’ll list below.

October 8 – November 9, 2003Hanoi, Vietnam

Through my work, I was sent by my company to Hanoi to provide technical support for our client situated in Thang Long Industrial Park just outside Hanoi.  I was here for 4 whole weeks.  I connected through Hong Kong to get to Hanoi.

November 1 – 2, 2003Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

With some Filipino friends, we visited this UNESCO World Heritage site which is east of Hanoi.  We took a cruise on a traditional Chinese junk.

May 25 – 27, 2004Singapore

With my brother and his then girlfriend (now wife), we took a packaged tour to Singapore via Singapore Airlines.  We were booked at Grand Central Hotel.

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