Visita Iglesia 2014: Laguna Old Churches

Visita Iglesia 2014: Laguna Old Churches, Longos

About a month back, Catholics around the world celebrated once more the passion and death of the Christ. This is in the season of Lent. And just as what my wife and myself did in Singapore back last year, we once more go on a Visita Iglesia. Again Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition of visiting 7 churches while praying. Along the way, the Way of the Cross is commemorated.

This year we did our visita iglesia on Good Friday as I’m working on night shift. And this year, my daughters, my wife’s sisters and nieces tagged along with us. We also have a vehicle to use and we are visiting churches from different towns in Laguna province.

We started our visita iglesia from the city of Calamba at around 9am. With the itinerary that I have set, we drove first to the furthest in our list. We recited 2 Stations of the Way of the Cross for each church we visited.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Driving North to San Francisco

PauTravels with the whole family in San Francisco

The past 3 weeks of the December 2010 has been a very fun-filled and memorable for me and my family as we take this grand tour of the west coast.  But after Christmas we still had more to visit in our itinerary.   So after going around Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and San Diego, our next target is driving north to the beautiful city of San Francisco and continue to the Lake Tahoe area for a chance to experience snow.

Drive North to San Franciso

Our rented 15-seater Ford e350 van

For this trip, we have rented a 15-seater Ford e350 van from LA Van Rentals from their office near LAX.  This is to fit about 11 of us including my own family, my parents and sister, my brother and his family and my cousin Angel.  My other aunt from San Diego and her family rented a separate 7-seater car for them plus Angel’s mom.  They are driving straight from San Diego.

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