SG Last Hurrah!: Universal Studios Singapore

SG Last Hoorah: Universal Studios Singapore

My family and myself have lived in Singapore for two years. During this time we have always skipped visiting the Universal Studios Singapore theme park located within the Resorts World Integrated Resort in Sentosa island.

But our time to leave Singapore has arrived. Well that is about 6 months ago. And so upon learning that we are to heading back to the Philippines, we decided that it was time for us to visit Universal Studios Singapore. We bought our tickets from a travel agency in Chinatown which is way cheaper than buying online or in their ticket booths.

Well actually it is also very timely as my aunt and 3 cousins where flying over to Singapore for a vacation during that time.

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Jade’s Jollibee Birthday Party

Jade's Jollibee Birthday Party

Last week, me and my whole family flew back to Manila for a whole week for a vacation with my our relatives back home and to celebrate the first birthday of our youngest daughter Jade.   And where else do celebrate it?  None other than the happiest place for kids in the Philippines, Jollibee.

Well, I guess it has become sort of a tradition to many Filipinos to celebrate their kids’ parties in Jollibee.   Jollibee is well loved by Filipino kids and adults alike mostly due to the food they serve that is very close to the Filipino taste, plus their mascots.   Jollibee is the most famous fastfood brand in the Philippines beating McDonald’s.

Jade was born on 8th of July but we have booked her party on a 14th in the Shangri-la Mall branch in Mandaluyong City.  We have invited relatives and some close friends to join us.   Well, the party is more for the kids and so we booked and made sure that Jollibee’s 5 mascots will be there to join us.

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The Other Side of Laiya Beach

Edlagan Kids on the Beach

Located at the southern eastern coast of the province of Batangas, lies the small and remote town of Laiya.  Remote as it can be but the town has become known due to the exclusive beach resorts that opened up along its beach, as well as a jump off point for people wanting to dive into the rich corals reefs off the coast of Batangas.  Batangas province, aside from its coffee, is known for its dive resorts most specially in the town of Anilao.

To reach Laiya from Manila, one will have to drive south through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) all the way to the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Expressway and take the exit to Lipa City.  From Lipa, one will need to pass through smaller roads that leads to Candelaria in the province of Quezon until reaching the San Juan-Laiya Road.

So far, I have been to Laiya twice.  First was with my wife’s family where we went for a swim in Laiya’s public beach which I’ll talk about on this blog and a year later on in our company team building in the Acuatico Resort on the other side of Laiya.

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On To Legoland Malaysia

PauTravels and family in Legoland Malaysia

Last month, with my mother-in-law visiting us here in Singapore, we made a plan to visit one of the newest theme parks in South East Asia.  it is to Asia’s first Legoland theme park located just a few minutes drive from the bridges that links Malaysia to Singapore in Nasujaya, Johor.

Prior to visiting Legoland Malaysia, we purchased our tickets in a travel agency in Chinatown for discounted price.  We got it for about 25% less from the regular price.  Then we purchased separately the shuttle bus trip to Legoland and back via WTS Travel.

And so early morning of a Saturday, we made our way to the Singapore Flyer to take our shuttle bustrip.  We checked in near the Tours and Transfers Counter where buses are parked.   We bought an 8:30AM trip to Legoland but we managed to get on a bus departed about 15 minutes earlier.

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Bird Watching in Jurong Bird Park

Janine at the Jurong Bird Park

After more than a year of living in Singapore, my family finally had the opportunity to visit the Jurong Bird Park, Asia’s largest bird park.  The best thing with it was we were able to go to the park for free.  Well the admission tickets to the park costs S$20 for adults and S$13 for kids, but we got free passes for four.

My wife Jen currently works with OCBC bank, one of the largest banks on the island and they have corporate tickets to a number of parks and attractions in Singapore.   Monthly they raffle in these passes to employees who register and fortunately Jen was picked during the raffle.  Well this was the second time that she was drawn, wherein the last time she was drawn for free passes to the Singapore Flyer.  I’ll see if I can post a separate blog about it next time.

A Day at the Sentosa Flowers 2012

Janine among the flowers of Sentosa Flower 2012

Last January 29th, me, my wife, and my daughter visited Sentosa to check out this year’s Sentosa Flowers.  Sentosa Flowers is an event that annually happens in the island resort of Sentosa located south of the main island of Singapore.

This was our first time to see Sentosa in blooms were flowers are almost everywhere.  Basically this event was set to welcome spring after the Chinese New Year.

And so anyways, we planned to visit Sentosa for a short time as my wife is pregnant and she gets easily tired.   We first headed to VivoCity where the Harbourfront MRT station is located.  And instead of riding the monorail into Sentosa, we decided to walk the half kilometer long Sentosa Boardwalk beside the bridge that connects the resort island into the main island.

Grand US Tour 2010: California Adventure Park

PauTravels in Disney California Adventure

After one whole month in traveling around California in 2010, we end it with our last chance visit to see Disney’s California Adventure theme park located across the main Disneyland theme park in Anaheim.  Again this is included in the CityPASS ticket that we purchased to see California’s other theme parks like Universal Studios and Sea World.

Unlike the beautiful sunny Saturday the day before, the weather went back to being rainy just like our first trip to Disneyland 2 weeks back.   And due to this, we went to the park a bit later that day after lunch as we try to guage whether the weather will still go better.  We ended up just bringing our umbrellas to the park since it’s our last opportunity throughout our stay in the US.  Also it was just my family and Angel who went.

Grand US Tour 2010: Return to Disneyland

PauTravels and family in Disneyland again

This US trip of 2010 of our family has been a very long trip and it was ending as we met the new year of 2011.   We have seen the bright lights of Las Vegas, the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the theme parks of Los Angeles, the scenic hills of San Francisco, and experienced snow in Tahoe.   But due to the rains that we have encountered when we first visited Disneyland, we had postponed our return until this last 3 days left for us before flying back to the Philippines.

And so on new year’s day, we embarked on visiting once more Disneyland.  This as we have a 3-day visit ticket for the park as part of the CityPASS that we purchased.  Fortunately, this time around we were granted with a very good sunny weather.  That it was my brother and his family and my cousin Angel who went with us.

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