Jade’s Jollibee Birthday Party

Jade's Jollibee Birthday Party

Last week, me and my whole family flew back to Manila for a whole week for a vacation with my our relatives back home and to celebrate the first birthday of our youngest daughter Jade.   And where else do celebrate it?  None other than the happiest place for kids in the Philippines, Jollibee.

Well, I guess it has become sort of a tradition to many Filipinos to celebrate their kids’ parties in Jollibee.   Jollibee is well loved by Filipino kids and adults alike mostly due to the food they serve that is very close to the Filipino taste, plus their mascots.   Jollibee is the most famous fastfood brand in the Philippines beating McDonald’s.

Jade was born on 8th of July but we have booked her party on a 14th in the Shangri-la Mall branch in Mandaluyong City.  We have invited relatives and some close friends to join us.   Well, the party is more for the kids and so we booked and made sure that Jollibee’s 5 mascots will be there to join us.

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Jollibee’s Langhap Sarap in Singapore

Me and my Family in Jollibee Singapore

On March 12 of 2013, the Philippines‘ biggest and most known fastfood brand has finally opened up its store here in the island nation of Singapore.  Filipinos on the island have longed for the arrival of our dear old friend, Jollibee.  And it has been very successful since they have opened.

Jollibee has beaten McDonalds by a mile in the Philippines along with the other big US fastfood chains like KFC.  You’d find Jollibee in almost every city in the Philippine archipelago.   And, Jollibee already have stores in different countries around the world where there is a good number of Filipino community.   They’ve got stores in California, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and Washington in the USA.  They have stores in the middle eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.  And they also have stores in Brunei, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

As the company expands to other neighboring countries in South East Asia, they have finally opened their store here in Singapore.  They partnered with a local hotelier to make their visibility here.

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