Grand US Tour 2010: First Snow Experience

PauTravels' family in Carson City, Nevada

In continuation to our northern California trip to San Francisco in this month-long US trip of 2010, we then pushed eastward of the Bay Area.   We drove about 4 hours further to the city of Carson in Nevada where we have booked for an overnight stay at Days Inn Carson City.   We intended to go up to the Lake Tahoe area which lies divided by the states of California and Nevada to have our first experience of snow.

So around 10 in the morning after breakfast, we drove away from our hotel in San Francisco with my brother again taking the wheel.   Once more the travel was long but the scenery that we see as we climb up to Tahoe is very different from the path we took from Los Angeles to San Francisco.   Now instead of farm lands, we passed through different towns and as we go further we see pine trees.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Vegas!

PauTravels travels back to Las Vegas

As part of our grand tour of the US back in 2010, the first part of our itinerary is none other than to visit the sin city of Las Vegas.  We also have the Grand Canyon as part of this side trip but I will talk about it on another post.  It was only me, my wife, my daughter, and my cousin Angel took this trip.  Last time I was here was back in 2007.

Before heading to Vegas, we rented a car from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch near my parents place in Gardena which is within the Los Angeles area.  We got a silver Dodge Caliber for this trip.  Nice car!  I also booked us for a room at the Imperial Palace Las Vegas. 

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Grand US Tour 2010: West Coast

PauTravels with my family at the Golden Gate Bridge

Back in December of 2010, my wife and I took another opportunity of flying back to the United States after my last month-long visit in 2007.  This time we bring for the first time our daughter Janine with my cousin Angel tagging along.  We took a month-long vacation to the US and planned to have a grand reunion of our family as my brother who lives in Singapore also flew in at the same time.

We have planned this long vacation for more than 6 months ahead of time where we all bought our tickets as early as May.  We booked a Philippine Airlines flight departing Manila on the 3rd of December and arriving at the same date in Los Angeles.

Our month-long takes us to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon during our first week and a tour around Long Beach, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood the week after.  On the 3rd week of our stay in the US, my brother and his family flew in for a 2 week overlap with our vacation.  We all celebrated the Christmas holiday together in San Diego and we rented a van to have 5-day trip up north to San Francisco and Carson City to see snow for the first time.

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Beginner’s Luck in Las Vegas

PauTravels first time in Las Vegas

Back in December 2007, I had my long vacation in the US for the holidays where I visited my parents in California. And part of that vacation, we had a trip to the city of poker games, roulette, black jack, and slot machines, Las Vegas. Las Vegas has made its name with its great casinos for high rollers.

This trip of our to Las Vegas served as our first pit stop for our trip to the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas is about 4 hours drive to the east of Los Angeles and we decided to book a hotel for us at the Hilton Grand Vacations Hotel. In this trip, my bro Mark and his wife Joanne and son Nathan and my mother came with me. My brother drove our rented car all the way to Las Vegas. The drive to Las Vegas was long through the deserts of Nevada which I found very beautiful and scenic.

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