In Transit at Minneapolis

PauTravels with colleagues in the Mall of America in Minneapolis

May 6th of 2007, myself and 3 colleagues were sent by our company on an official business trip to Dell in Austin, Texas.  And on our way to Austin from Manila via Northwest Airlines, our flight connected us through Tokyo-Narita airport and Minneapolis, which was our point of entry to the US.

On that leg of our trip, we had an eight-hour layover in Minneapolis for us to get our connecting flight to Austin.  Since we have officially entered the USA and with long hours for our next flight, we have decided on getting out of the airport and see the city.

Since I was the only person in the group whom had previously been to the US, I led the group on knowing what we can do in Minneapolis during this short period of time.  All of us had not much of an idea of the place and so I thought of going to the airport’s information kiosk to get an idea of where to go in the short period of time.

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