Aboard the Amtrak

PauTravels at the Union Station to board the Amtrak to San Jose

December 5th of 2007, I arrived in Los Angeles for my 1 month vacation in the United States of America (USA) to be with my family. And on the 7th, I took a ride on Amtrak to bring me to San Jose.  Since my brother is in Milpitas, I decided to stay with him for a whole week and go back to LA.

Prior to my trip to the US, I booked my trip through the Amtrak website.  My train trip leaves 7:30 AM from the Los Angeles Union Station and arrive at the Great America station in Santa Clara at 6:12 PM.  The train trip is divided into 3 legs, an LA to San Luis Obispo station, then a bus connection to San Jose, and then a short train ride to Santa Clara – Great America station.

I arrived at the Union Station in LA at 6:30 AM, since I had to still get my tickets at the ticketing station and boarding to the train is 30 minutes before departure.  Coming in to the terminal, I find myself in a beautifully interior designed station where the ceiling is wooden.  It also has this round chandeliers that light up the hall.  There are two ways to get a printed ticket for the trip.  One is using the Quik Trak machine and the other is in the ticket counter.  I had mine through the counter.

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