Grand US Tour 2010: A Trip to Legoland

PauTravels in Legoland California

It was quite a long 2010 US tour for us but we still had a lot more places in our list to go to until new year.   And since we were already in San Diego that Christmas weekend, we have visited already SeaWorld San Diego and at the eve of Christmas we headed to another themepark in the city of Carlsbad, Legoland.  Legoland is a different themed park where aside from the different thrill rides it offer, it also featured it’s most famous toy, the Lego blocks.  Every structure inside the park is shaped like Lego block or even made of Legos.   It was a unique park.

Trip to Legoland California

Lego Welcome sign outside Legoland

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Grand US Tour 2010: Sea World San Diego

PauTravels in SeaWorld San Diego with family

With the rains falling heavily from our first day in Disneyland and the next 2 days, we have postponed our supposed consecutive trips back for Disneyland for after the new year.  Instead we were left stay mostly at home and hoping for the weather to go better.  And even with 2 days lost in our hectic 2010 grand tour, we had to proceed with our itinerary.  This is our trip to San Diego for the Christmas feast and to check out San Diego attractions.

So the day before Christmas eve, we departed the Los Angeles area to drive south to my aunt’s place in San Diego.   The drive south takes about 2 hours long but we took more time as we were caught in a heavy traffic jam which I think cost us about an hour longer.   The traffic jam basically started from Carlsbad exit where a lot of cars are headed to the outlet center there.

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