Grand US Tour 2010: California Adventure Park

PauTravels in Disney California Adventure

After one whole month in traveling around California in 2010, we end it with our last chance visit to see Disney’s California Adventure theme park located across the main Disneyland theme park in Anaheim.  Again this is included in the CityPASS ticket that we purchased to see California’s other theme parks like Universal Studios and Sea World.

Unlike the beautiful sunny Saturday the day before, the weather went back to being rainy just like our first trip to Disneyland 2 weeks back.   And due to this, we went to the park a bit later that day after lunch as we try to guage whether the weather will still go better.  We ended up just bringing our umbrellas to the park since it’s our last opportunity throughout our stay in the US.  Also it was just my family and Angel who went.

Grand US Tour 2010: Return to Disneyland

PauTravels and family in Disneyland again

This US trip of 2010 of our family has been a very long trip and it was ending as we met the new year of 2011.   We have seen the bright lights of Las Vegas, the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the theme parks of Los Angeles, the scenic hills of San Francisco, and experienced snow in Tahoe.   But due to the rains that we have encountered when we first visited Disneyland, we had postponed our return until this last 3 days left for us before flying back to the Philippines.

And so on new year’s day, we embarked on visiting once more Disneyland.  This as we have a 3-day visit ticket for the park as part of the CityPASS that we purchased.  Fortunately, this time around we were granted with a very good sunny weather.  That it was my brother and his family and my cousin Angel who went with us.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Rainy Christmas Time in Disneyland

PauTravels with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disneyland

In continuation of our theme park tours in the Los Angeles area for our 2010 US Trip, we took our opportunity of going to Disneyland in Anaheim.  We got tickets for 3 days of visiting Disneyland or California Adventure within 14 days the we used our first CityPass ticket in Universal Studios.

But then since we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, the weather has gone worse.  The rains were more frequent than when we were in Knott’s Berry.  And since we only have limited time to spare in the next days as Christmas is very near, we decided to go and try our luck.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Visiting Charlie Brown

PauTravels in Knott's Berry Farm California

The day after our trip to Universal Studios, we once more headed for another theme park and this time in the city of Buena Park in Orange County south of Los Angeles.  This is to the home of our beloved Charlie Brown and Snoopy of Peanuts in Knott’s Berry Farm.   I had never been to this park before and so I made sure that it is part of our 2010 tour itinerary.  And fortunately, my aunt had free passes for 4 of us for that day.  

And so aside from my own family, my mom and sister joined us, as well as Angel and her mom, and my aunt’s whole family.   We went there with two cars.   But then even before we headed to the park that morning, we were already having second thoughts if we should proceed or not.   Because like the rainy day ahead, it was also a bit wet that morning.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Rainy Visit to Universal Studios

PauTravels in Universal Studios Hollywood with family

As we go through the second week of our month-long US trip, we now go ahead into visiting California’s theme parks.   We purchased the Southern California CityPASS that includes a 3-day park hopper to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, general admission tickets to Universal Studios and SeaWorld San Diego, and an optional admission to either the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  The CityPASS is valid for 14 days from the first use.  It was a big discount compared to purchasing each ticket so we took it.

And the first park that we visited was the Universal Studios Hollywood located just northwest of the Hollywood Sign.  On that day, my sister Nina joined us for the day.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Los Angeles Area

PauTravels in Hollywood

At the end of our first week in our grand US tour of 2010 where we visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, we decided to spend some time going around Los Angeles which is just about 30 minutes drive north.

Los Angeles Area

the Halliwell Manor from the TV series Charmed

Angel, Jen, Janine and myself took this road trip around the tourist destinations in Los Angeles.  We targeted on driving to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica that day.  And our first stop is a destination not known by most people except for those who watched the TV series of Charmed which is about 3 sister witches.   Well the series was depicted to happen in San Francisco but their manor house is located in Los Angeles in 1329 Caroll Avenue.  It is near the Echo Park and the historic Filipinotown area.  I didn’t know there was even a historic Filipinotown before.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Long Beach Aquarium

PauTravels at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach California

In continuation to our grand tour of the West Coast, the week after our trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon we decided to basically check out the places around Los Angeles.  And one of those days, we decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach about 30 minutes drive south of my parents place in Gardena.

Originally, we planned to check out the Los Angeles Zoo but we changed our minds to simply stick to the aquarium.   My cousin Angel decided not to tag along with us so it was just me and my family that pushed through the trip.

And so from Gardena with my sister’s car and guided by GPS, we drove south through I-110 then I-45 and I-710 to reach Long Beach’s aquarium.  Upon arrival, the first thing I saw was the roundabout across the aquarium that featured dolphin figures.  I parked the car at the car park building beside the round-about.

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Grand US Tour 2010: West Coast

PauTravels with my family at the Golden Gate Bridge

Back in December of 2010, my wife and I took another opportunity of flying back to the United States after my last month-long visit in 2007.  This time we bring for the first time our daughter Janine with my cousin Angel tagging along.  We took a month-long vacation to the US and planned to have a grand reunion of our family as my brother who lives in Singapore also flew in at the same time.

We have planned this long vacation for more than 6 months ahead of time where we all bought our tickets as early as May.  We booked a Philippine Airlines flight departing Manila on the 3rd of December and arriving at the same date in Los Angeles.

Our month-long takes us to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon during our first week and a tour around Long Beach, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood the week after.  On the 3rd week of our stay in the US, my brother and his family flew in for a 2 week overlap with our vacation.  We all celebrated the Christmas holiday together in San Diego and we rented a van to have 5-day trip up north to San Francisco and Carson City to see snow for the first time.

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