Grand US Tour 2010: Up The Grand Canyon

PauTravels at the Grand Canyon once more

In continuation to our trip to Las Vegas in 2010, with our rented Dodge Caliber we drove eastward to the Grand Canyon. Like my previous trip to Vegas, the last time I visited Grand Canyon was in 2007 at the same time of that year. There was snow there the last time.  And we hoped to see snow there this time around.

And just the last time, we took the same route that we did to the canyon.  But unfortunately, we were no longer able to stop at the Hoover Dam.  Three years back our GPS directed us to pass on top of the dam but this time, the freeway which back then was still being constructed is already built.  Sad thing is, we passed above the dam without even seeing it as our view is obstructed by the freeway bridge.

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Majestic Grand Canyon

PauTravels First Visit to the Grand Canyon

As part of my month-long holiday vacation in the USA with my family, we have arranged a trip to the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona.  Grand Canyon as it is known for its unique landscape which was carved by the Colorado River for millions of years.  This has become part of our itinerary.

Our trip to the Grand Canyon is a side-trip from our trip to Las Vegas.  The Grand Canyon National Park is about 4.5 hours drive east of Las Vegas.  And so with the help of our GPS, we left our hotel in Las Vegas early in the morning.

On our way, about an hour from Las Vegas strip, we came to see this great view of a big reservoir which was Lake Mead.  And so we came to know that the highway (US 93) we are on is leading us to one of the most famous dams in the world, the Hoover Dam.  This dam is also at the border of the states of Arizona and Nevada.  Since we have crossed on this dam, we thought of making a short stop for some pictures.

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