Euro Trip 2010: Short Trip to Amsterdam

PauTravels in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

As part of my 2 week business trip to Belgium, I have planned to have myself go to its neighbor country of the Netherlands which used to be known as Holland.   My main target is to see is its capital city of Amsterdam.  Well going to Brussels, my KLM flight from Manila had me connecting through Schipol Airport in Amsterdam but was not able to actually see the city that time.  And so with my other colleagues, we have set a trip to the city.

Well the trip was just a short one since we just planned to drive to the city back and forth within the same day.   The drive to Amsterdam is about 3 hours from Brussels.  And so we left Brussels at around 8am on the 31st of October.  Our route took us to driving past through Antwerp at the north before reaching the Belgian border and through Utretch in the Netherlands.  Well, before heading to Amsterdam, we first made our way past the city to its north to the small town of Akersloot to visit my colleagues friend from there.

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Where Have I Been?

Here I will be logging all the different places that I have been outside the Philippines.  I’ll be linking my other travel blogs to the places I’ll list below.

October 8 – November 9, 2003Hanoi, Vietnam

Through my work, I was sent by my company to Hanoi to provide technical support for our client situated in Thang Long Industrial Park just outside Hanoi.  I was here for 4 whole weeks.  I connected through Hong Kong to get to Hanoi.

November 1 – 2, 2003Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

With some Filipino friends, we visited this UNESCO World Heritage site which is east of Hanoi.  We took a cruise on a traditional Chinese junk.

May 25 – 27, 2004Singapore

With my brother and his then girlfriend (now wife), we took a packaged tour to Singapore via Singapore Airlines.  We were booked at Grand Central Hotel.

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