Trip to Sagada

PauTravels at the pools underneath the ground and within the Sagada Cave

On the night of Christmas 2006, me and 3 relatives went to the beautiful and enchanted mountains of the Ifugao.  We stayed in Banaue Hotel under a tour package provided by the Philippine Tourism Authority.  On our 2nd day of stay in Banaue, as part of our tour package, we travel to another off-the-beaten-track tourist destination, Sagada.

Sagada, is a small town in the Mountain Province, in the midst of the Cordillera Mountain Range on the island of Luzon, Philippines.  Sagada is about 3 hours drive north of Banaue and about 10 hours drive from the city of Baguio through zigzagged and rough roads on the steep mountain sides of Cordillera. Sagada is a well known tourist destination for its underground caves and the hanging coffins.  Around the town’s limestone cliffs, wooden coffins can be found hanging by the cliff side.   It was a burial tradition performed by local tribes that inhabit the mountains.

The drive to the place is quite long and a bit tiring but the mountain areas that you’ll pass by is amazing and very beautiful.  You’ll pass by rice terraces, vegetable terraces and pine-fill mountains.  Driving through the dirt road will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.  Along the path, we passed the town of Bontoc, the capital of the Mountain Province around 11AM.  Our guide informed us that we’ll proceed to the Sagada Cave first since there will be more tourist flocking the cave by noon and afterwards.

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