Xiamen, Old Amoy

PauTravels with Friends in Xiamen with a giant hippo statue

Back in August of 2005, I was opportuned to be given a chance to step foot into the land of one of the oldest civilizations.  Through my client, Dell Inc., I was assigned for three weeks for official business to their factory in Xiamen, China.

Xiamen is in the Fujian province, nearest to Taiwan. It is an island connected to the mainland by bridges.  Later did I learned that this once used to be called Amoy.  Amoy has been known to be where many Filipino-Chinese families hailed from, including both of my grandparents.  This made me more excited as it was like a heritage walk for me.

Initially, I’ve had a picture of Chinese cities to be very crowded, busy, polluted, and filled with bicycles.  But when I arrived in Xiamen, it was very different.  Xiamen is very clean and orderly, not too crowded, not traffic-congested, and is a modern city.  Later I learned that Xiamen is considered a garden city of China.

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