SG Last Hurrah!: Universal Studios Singapore

SG Last Hoorah: Universal Studios Singapore

My family and myself have lived in Singapore for two years. During this time we have always skipped visiting the Universal Studios Singapore theme park located within the Resorts World Integrated Resort in Sentosa island.

But our time to leave Singapore has arrived. Well that is about 6 months ago. And so upon learning that we are to heading back to the Philippines, we decided that it was time for us to visit Universal Studios Singapore. We bought our tickets from a travel agency in Chinatown which is way cheaper than buying online or in their ticket booths.

Well actually it is also very timely as my aunt and 3 cousins where flying over to Singapore for a vacation during that time.

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A Day at the Sentosa Flowers 2012

Janine among the flowers of Sentosa Flower 2012

Last January 29th, me, my wife, and my daughter visited Sentosa to check out this year’s Sentosa Flowers.  Sentosa Flowers is an event that annually happens in the island resort of Sentosa located south of the main island of Singapore.

This was our first time to see Sentosa in blooms were flowers are almost everywhere.  Basically this event was set to welcome spring after the Chinese New Year.

And so anyways, we planned to visit Sentosa for a short time as my wife is pregnant and she gets easily tired.   We first headed to VivoCity where the Harbourfront MRT station is located.  And instead of riding the monorail into Sentosa, we decided to walk the half kilometer long Sentosa Boardwalk beside the bridge that connects the resort island into the main island.

Experiencing the Magic of Sentosa

PauTravels Family Photo with Oscar of Sentosa

Aside from our visit to the Singapore Zoo during our 6-day trip to the Merlion city, we have reserved another day to come to Singapore’s premier tourist destination which is Sentosa.  Sentosa is an island themed park located south of the island state which featured experiences with nature, the beach, and family fun.

It has been more than a couple years since I last visited Sentosa and I’d say a lot have changed. And unfortunately, we visit Sentosa a few months too early before the opening of the Universal Studios theme park that will open doors this first quarter of 2010 along with the other attractions in the Integrated Resort within Resorts World Sentosa there.

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First Trip to Singapore

PauTravels' First Time in Singapore

In May of 2004, my brother Mark, his then girlfriend now his wife Joy, and myself had our very first tourist trip internationally.  This is not my first time to go out of the country after my one month business trip in Hanoi, Vietnam, but this is my first time to travel on a travel package.  And this is a first for both Mark and Joy to travel abroad.  Actually it was myself and Joy’s idea to take a travel package abroad and we have thought of Singapore.

And so we purchased a 3 days/2 nights package to Singapore with accommodations to Hotel Grand Central, tickets with Singapore Airlines and a half day city tour which costed about US$210 if I remember it right.  At first we had to convince my bro for this which he eventually gave way.

So, our trio went on.  I had to assist both of them pass through the NAIA airport upto taking our flight.  We were early in the airport to be able to get good seats so we had to wait about an hour for our boarding.  On board, wow, we were impressed with the interiors of the airplane as all seats were equipped with its own entertainment screen.  This is unlike my flight to Vietnam with Cathay Pacific that some of their planes didn’t have personal screens.  The food served was also good.

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