Grand US Tour 2010: California Adventure Park

PauTravels in Disney California Adventure

After one whole month in traveling around California in 2010, we end it with our last chance visit to see Disney’s California Adventure theme park located across the main Disneyland theme park in Anaheim.  Again this is included in the CityPASS ticket that we purchased to see California’s other theme parks like Universal Studios and Sea World.

Unlike the beautiful sunny Saturday the day before, the weather went back to being rainy just like our first trip to Disneyland 2 weeks back.   And due to this, we went to the park a bit later that day after lunch as we try to guage whether the weather will still go better.  We ended up just bringing our umbrellas to the park since it’s our last opportunity throughout our stay in the US.  Also it was just my family and Angel who went.

Grand US Tour 2010: Return to Disneyland

PauTravels and family in Disneyland again

This US trip of 2010 of our family has been a very long trip and it was ending as we met the new year of 2011.   We have seen the bright lights of Las Vegas, the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the theme parks of Los Angeles, the scenic hills of San Francisco, and experienced snow in Tahoe.   But due to the rains that we have encountered when we first visited Disneyland, we had postponed our return until this last 3 days left for us before flying back to the Philippines.

And so on new year’s day, we embarked on visiting once more Disneyland.  This as we have a 3-day visit ticket for the park as part of the CityPASS that we purchased.  Fortunately, this time around we were granted with a very good sunny weather.  That it was my brother and his family and my cousin Angel who went with us.

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Grand US Tour 2010: Rainy Christmas Time in Disneyland

PauTravels with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disneyland

In continuation of our theme park tours in the Los Angeles area for our 2010 US Trip, we took our opportunity of going to Disneyland in Anaheim.  We got tickets for 3 days of visiting Disneyland or California Adventure within 14 days the we used our first CityPass ticket in Universal Studios.

But then since we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, the weather has gone worse.  The rains were more frequent than when we were in Knott’s Berry.  And since we only have limited time to spare in the next days as Christmas is very near, we decided to go and try our luck.

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Side Trip to Los Angeles in 2004

PauTravels at the Hollywood Signboard in Universal Studios

In my work as a Test Analyst, I was very glad to have the opportunity of flying into the US and visit my parents who have moved there since 2003.  It was in 2004 that I had my first visit of Los Angeles as a side trip from my business trip to Austin Texas for Dell.  I had a second trip in 2007 after again being sent to Austin.

With a free ticket care of Dell, I flew to Los Angeles from Austin via Continental Airlines.  It was my first trip around the USA and my trip to LA gave me the chance to ride different sizes of planes from a jumbo jet to a 40-seater express jet.  From Austin, I connected to 3 cities to get to LA.

My parents picked me up at the Los Angeles Airport and headed to their apartment in Gardena along Rosecrans Avenue.  Los Angeles is very different from Austin as it is a crowded city and there are less vegetation unlike Austin which has more roads than structures.  My parents’ place is in an apartment compound near the corner of major roads.  My aunt who has been in the US for about 2 decades was also there to meet me.

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A Family Trip to Hong Kong and Macau

PauTravels and My Family in Hong Kong

It was early this year when Jen and myself thought of taking a vacation to Hong Kong.  And as the weeks and months passed, that plan came to fruition last month.  It started with just having the both of us and Janine on the plan, then Jen’s sister and her family joined us.  So from the three, we became a group of seven.  And from the original plan of 3 nights in Hong Kong, the plan evolved into a 6-day/5-night stay in Hong Kong and another 2 nights in the neighboring city of Macau.

Family Trip to Hong Kong

Ninoy Aquino’s bust inside NAIA3

Being the most experienced in travelling among the group, I arranged our whole itinerary.  We bought our plane tickets online with Cebu Pacific Air flying out of Manila on-board flight 5J108 departing 5:40AM on October 23 to Hong Kong and flying back home from Macau on-board flight 5J363 departing 10:15PM on October 30.  It was fortunate that since August this year, the long mothballed NAIA Terminal 3 has been opened and we will be able to use the terminal for both flights.

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Hello Chinese Mickey!

PauTravels and Family with Winnie The Pooh

As part of our 6-day trip to the business capital of Asia, which is Hong Kong, we took the opportunity of visiting Walt Disney‘s theme park at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  On October 24, a Friday, after having breakfast, we left early our hostel at the Chungking Mansions in Kowloon, around 8:20am.

The nearest MTR station is the Tsim Sha Tsui station of the Tsuen Wan line which has an exit right across Chungking.  We took the train to the Lai King station where we transferred to the Tung Chung line at Sunny Bay station.  The station in turn serves as the interchange for the Disneyland Resort line.

Hong Kong Disneyland Visit

Mickey Mouse Handle Bars in the Disney MTR Line

Hong Kong Disneyland Visit

Mickey MTR Trains

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Where Have I Been?

Here I will be logging all the different places that I have been outside the Philippines.  I’ll be linking my other travel blogs to the places I’ll list below.

October 8 – November 9, 2003Hanoi, Vietnam

Through my work, I was sent by my company to Hanoi to provide technical support for our client situated in Thang Long Industrial Park just outside Hanoi.  I was here for 4 whole weeks.  I connected through Hong Kong to get to Hanoi.

November 1 – 2, 2003Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

With some Filipino friends, we visited this UNESCO World Heritage site which is east of Hanoi.  We took a cruise on a traditional Chinese junk.

May 25 – 27, 2004Singapore

With my brother and his then girlfriend (now wife), we took a packaged tour to Singapore via Singapore Airlines.  We were booked at Grand Central Hotel.

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