Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Back in my 10-week stay in Atlanta back in 2014, I was able to go around the Atlanta’s major and key tourist destinations. But in one of the memorable moments I had during my visit there was an opportunity to experience one activity not common in the Philippines.

My colleague, Niko and his wife Kim invited me to join them in checking out this group of food truckers that having a stop in one of the parks in suburban Atlanta.

Food trucks are basically moving food kiosks and is a common sight in US cities especially in their downtown areas. These trucks offer different varieties of quick to eat dishes for people on-the-go. They serve from sandwiches to rice meals and from local to international cuisines.

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Walking Through the Forbidden City

PauTravels looking at the Forbidden City from above

I had a rare opportunity of entering a city that was once limited for people of royal blood, known to be the Forbidden City.  On August of 2005, along with a colleague, we flew to the capital city of the sleeping dragon, Beijing, China.

With a business trip to the industrial port city of Xiamen, we have decided to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Beijing.  This is one of the best side trips that I’ve took though it lasted only 2 days.  With the help Travellerspoint, we were able to find a cheap hotel located in one of Beijing’s hutong areas called the Jingshan Hotel.  And from our hotel in Xiamen, Sofitel, we were able to purchase our round trip plane tickets to Beijing and back to Xiamen to catch our flight back to Manila.

On my birthday, we fly to Beijing early in the morning and was picked up by our hotel.  The hotel is situated near the Jingshan Park and arrived there before noon.  To save our stay in Beijing, we decided to take a walk as soon as we’ve settled our things.

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Majestic Grand Canyon

PauTravels First Visit to the Grand Canyon

As part of my month-long holiday vacation in the USA with my family, we have arranged a trip to the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona.  Grand Canyon as it is known for its unique landscape which was carved by the Colorado River for millions of years.  This has become part of our itinerary.

Our trip to the Grand Canyon is a side-trip from our trip to Las Vegas.  The Grand Canyon National Park is about 4.5 hours drive east of Las Vegas.  And so with the help of our GPS, we left our hotel in Las Vegas early in the morning.

On our way, about an hour from Las Vegas strip, we came to see this great view of a big reservoir which was Lake Mead.  And so we came to know that the highway (US 93) we are on is leading us to one of the most famous dams in the world, the Hoover Dam.  This dam is also at the border of the states of Arizona and Nevada.  Since we have crossed on this dam, we thought of making a short stop for some pictures.

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