Visa-Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holders

my Philippine passports with international immigration entry and exit stamps

Looking around the net, I came across websites that allows people to check the visa requirements for a person wanting to enter a certain country around the world.  And checking this out and being a Philippine Passport holder, I am listing below a list of countries where Filipinos may enter visa-free! 

Plus included other countries that allow visa on arrival at the port of entry for free or for a cost. Ports that give visa-on-arrival may require documentations to be presented at the border control.  I’ve not included countries that allow visa-on-arrival but require prior application before arriving to their borders.

Aside from such websites, I have re-validated each result from the immigration and tourism websites of each country to ensure I get the most accurate information as of to-date.
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Philippines, How Much Have I Seen of You?

My home country, the Philippines, is an archipelagic nation of 7,107 islands that is situated in the South East Asian region.  It is a tropical country bounded by three bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the West Philippine Sea to the west, and the Celebes Sea to the south.  It is basically composed of three island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The country’s population is pegged at 88 Million, 90% o which are Roman Catholics.  A smaller percentage of the population is composed of Muslim Filipinos who generally reside at the southern islands.  The Philippines also has a long history of Spanish colonization, 333 years in total.  This is still evident with Hispanic architecture left.  The Philippines was discovered by the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Megallan under the Spanish flag in 1521.  Then it was also under the US Commonwealth rule for 40 years.

The Philippines is also composed of a diverse group of people with hundreds of different dialects though English is a second language.  And each of its 7000+ islands has a distinct characteristic on its own.  And on this journal, I’ll be listing down the different places in this country of mine that I have visited and possibly my experience with Philippine culture.  And I’ll be linking any blog that I’d be writing for each destination.

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