Visita Iglesia 2014: Batangas Churches

Visita Iglesia 2014: Batangas Churches

Well traditionally Visita Iglesia is done by visiting seven churches while reciting the stations of the Cross.  But this year, after our visita iglesia in Laguna, the day after we thought of visiting another church.   Well eventually we ended up into visiting two churches in the province of Batangas. Both churches has miracles related or associated to it.

The first one, we visited the San Pio de Pietrelcina Shrine in the town of Sto. Tomas. Well, this is my second time to visit this church. This parish is relatively new yet this has become quite famous lately due the regular healing mass being done here every 23rd of the month. Also this also made famous the the healing masses performed by Father Fernando Suarez, a famous healing priest.

This parish started from a small chapel located on the same grounds and this was dedicated to St. Pio de Pietrelcina, a priest who experienced a phenomenon called stigmata, wherein he showed wounds and marks that Jesus Christ has suffered form His crucifixion.

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Visita Iglesia 2013: In Singapore

Collage of the seven churches in Singapore that we visited for Visita Iglesia

Visita Iglesia (Church Visits) has been a tradition among Filipino Catholics.  Every year on Maundy Thursday during the Lenten Week, Catholics visits seven churches and perform the Stations of the Cross prayers.  Some would visit only one church and pray the Stations of the Cross.

I remember back when I was younger that we used to join processions where we do the Stations of the Cross in our village.  And in my teens, we used to do a 2 hour walk to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes Basilica (better known as the Grotto Church) in San Jose Del Monte City in Bulacan province.  We would walk starting midnight going there and we would pray the stations there together with hundreds of Catholics visiting the shrine too.  Some Filipino Catholics in Manila would hike up to the National Shrine of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (a.k.a. Antipolo Cathedral) in hills of Antipolo in Rizal province.

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Hiking Up Mt. Maculot

PauTravels on top of Mount Maculot in Batangas

The Holy Week of last year, Niño, our officemate, invited us to join him in his annual pilgrim to the top of Mount Maculot.  Mt. Maculot is a mountain that rises at town of Cuenca in Batangas province for pilgrims every Holy Week.  The mountain rises at the southern banks of the Taal Lake and is about 2 hours drive south of Manila.

And so, we join him in this hiking trip to its summit.  It was my wife Jen and myself’s first time to hike a mountain but we tried to prepare for the trip. We were yet to be overwhelmed by the actual climb.  We both wore shorts and shirts, plus rubber shoes and brought up some chips and water and our tents as we are going to stay overnight at the camp site on top.

Hiking Up Mount Maculot in Batangas

Path going up Mount Maculot

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