Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Back in my 10-week stay in Atlanta back in 2014, I was able to go around the Atlanta’s major and key tourist destinations. But in one of the memorable moments I had during my visit there was an opportunity to experience one activity not common in the Philippines.

My colleague, Niko and his wife Kim invited me to join them in checking out this group of food truckers that having a stop in one of the parks in suburban Atlanta.

Food trucks are basically moving food kiosks and is a common sight in US cities especially in their downtown areas. These trucks offer different varieties of quick to eat dishes for people on-the-go. They serve from sandwiches to rice meals and from local to international cuisines.

Food trucks are even featured in different cooking shows and even a reality TV show named The Great Food Truck Race of the Food Channel. In the Philippines, the closest thing that resembles food trucks are called ‘jolli-jeep‘ which is a play on words that combines Jollibee, Philippines’ biggest fastfood chain, and the jeepney.

And so on a Friday the 13th in June, right after work, I tagged along couple as they check out the food trucks that will make a stop at the Brook Run Park located a few miles east of Sandy Springs. We got there in just around 15 minutes if I remember it right.

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Food Trucks parked in the park

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Families gather around Brook Run Park

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Classic Jeepney c/o

When we arrived the food trucks have already line up along the park’s driveways and dozens of patrons have already lined up to their favorite trucks.

The park is big with a wide grass area and surrounded by trees. There was a pond in its center.  It was a beautiful night with clear weather. And since it was summer time that time, the sun is still up until 8:30 PM.

The atmosphere in the park was also a little bit festive. Families have gathered around and found their own spots to have a picnic. Some used the picnic tables while others laid a mat on the grass. Well, we also decided to have a picnic on the grass.

The three of us first separated as we queued up to the food truck of our liking. I decided to try out the one that served something local and chose traditional southern comfort food. The food truck had two barbecue options between a slow cooked Texas beef brisket or a traditional pulled pork variety. It offers a choice of having it in a wrap or in a sandwich.

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Southern Komfort food menu board

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Our yummy dinner

Atlanta Trip: Food Truck Park

Me with good friends on a picnic

I chose the traditional pulled pork barbecue in a sandwich. And ordered it to come with fries and soda. It was a great dinner while picnicking under the open skies with very good friends.

I’m glad to have this experience.

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