Grand US Tour 2010: California Adventure Park

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After one whole month in traveling around California in 2010, we end it with our last chance visit to see Disney’s California Adventure theme park located across the main Disneyland theme park in Anaheim.  Again this is included in the CityPASS ticket that we purchased to see California’s other theme parks like Universal Studios and Sea World.

Unlike the beautiful sunny Saturday the day before, the weather went back to being rainy just like our first trip to Disneyland 2 weeks back.   And due to this, we went to the park a bit later that day after lunch as we try to guage whether the weather will still go better.  We ended up just bringing our umbrellas to the park since it’s our last opportunity throughout our stay in the US.  Also it was just my family and Angel who went.

Walk in the rain

Jen, Janine, and Angel walks in rain while in the park

Since we have already seen most of Disneyland the day before, we just set ourselves to just go around California Adventure.   The first thing that meets guests is the huge word of California  which they decorated for Christmas that time, and also a mini copy of the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco.  Also during that time there are portions of the park that are closed for some constructions like a race track for Cars.

Due to the rain, we decided to go check out first the indoor activities.  And the first spot we headed to was the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show which is located by the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of the park.  During that time, they had Tron: Legacy as the main attraction on site as it was the big movie event Disney was putting on cinemas.

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Handy Manny

Handy Manny and his Tools

Little Einstein

The Little Einsteins gang

Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuths

My Friends Tigger and Pooh:  Super Sleuths

Upon entrance to the show, we were all invited to sit on the floor and face the stage for the performance.  Well the show is basically a puppet show of Playhouse Disney’s characters.   It featured Mickey and friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, the Little Einsteins, and Tigger and Pooh’s Super Sleuths.  Each sang their theme songs and invited the kids to join in and sing with them.

With Goofy's son Max

With Max, Goofy’s Son

with Minnie Mouse

With Minnie Mouse in her Christmas outfit

with Woody

With Sheriff Woody of Toy Story

With Jessie of Toy Story

With Jessie of Toy Story

With Mulan and Mushu

With Mulan and Mushu

With Stitch

With Stitch

After the show, it was still raining outside.  So we just walked to the building next to it for shelter.  It was the building for the Character Close Up.  And due to the rain, all of the Disney mascots went into the building.   And so again we had the opportunity to fill up Janine’s signature book.  We got photos with Woody, Jessie and the Soldiers of Toy Story, Max who is Goofy’s son, Minnie Mouse in her Christmas outfit, Mulan with Mushu, and Stitch.

At the Animation Academy show

Jen and Janine sketching out Dopey during the Animation Academy show

At the Animation Academy show

Artist shows the tricks in drawing Dopey the dwarf

While inside the building, we decided to check out the Animation Academy show.  Here we were all given a paper, pencil and a desk on our seats.  Then an artist instructs us of how they basically draw the characters into cartoons.  That day we were guided how to draw Dopey of the Seven Dwarfs as it is also shown on a big screen.  Well since I have a good hand in drawing, my drawing was quite close to the one on screen.

Talking with Crush

Talking with Crush of Finding Nemo

Then we also checked out the show Turtle Talk with Crush.   The kids were asked to sit in front of the main screen which shows the ocean floor.  And then Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo comes out and talks to each of the kids watching.  It was an interactive show which fascinates kids that the animated character is actually talking to them.  This is similar with the Stitch Encounter in Hong Kong Disneyland.

It was already dark when we decided to push through to another part of the park.  We went to Paradise Pier which depicts a carnival pier with a roller coaster, a carousel, and a big Ferris wheel with Mickey’s picture in the middle.

California Adventure's Paradise Pier

California Adventure’s Ferris wheel in Paradise Pier

The Ferris wheel itself is unique from those that I have seen as it carries two types of gondolas, the regular one and a sliding one.   Sliding gondolas basically slides side to side as the wheel rotates.  And since we have a kid with us, we just tried the regular gondola.  And due to the rain, it was quite freezing as we go up.

After our Ferris wheel ride, the rain went down a bit harder that we tried to keep ourselves indoors.  So we just queued up at Toy Story Midway Mania ride.  We didn’t expect much at first but after trying it the first time, it was so fun that we had to try it again.  We tried it for about 4 times if I’m not mistaken.  So basically, you ride on a cart that zigzags in an indoor route with big 3D monitors.  Each cart has a virtual gun which guests use to shoot items on the screen like in carnivals where you throw balls to plates.  It was such a fun ride that Janine liked a lot.

Toy Story 3D Ride

Jen and Janine alighting the 3D ride for the first time

California Adventure's Paradise Pier

Janine all set for her next round

The last thing we waited for that night to see was the World of Colors show in Paradise Bay.  Due to the rain, we didn’t bother going in front of the bay to watch the show.  We simply looked for a covered area near the carousel to watch the fountain show.  The show went on even though the rain was pouring.  It was a beautiful show but it is mostly fountain and light show just like in Sentosa.  And still I find that the Fantasmic! show in far better than this one.

As soon as the show ended, we just find our way out of the park and called my brother to pick us up in the park.  We were really eager to go home that night as were tired and cold due to the very wet weather that night.

This basically concludes our month-long vacation in 2010 to the US where we have seen Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tahoe.   It was such a great time and very memorable.  Hopefully we can return in 2014 for another month-long trip, maybe to the east coast.

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