A Day at the Sentosa Flowers 2012

Janine among the flowers of Sentosa Flower 2012

Last January 29th, me, my wife, and my daughter visited Sentosa to check out this year’s Sentosa Flowers.  Sentosa Flowers is an event that annually happens in the island resort of Sentosa located south of the main island of Singapore.

This was our first time to see Sentosa in blooms were flowers are almost everywhere.  Basically this event was set to welcome spring after the Chinese New Year.

And so anyways, we planned to visit Sentosa for a short time as my wife is pregnant and she gets easily tired.   We first headed to VivoCity where the Harbourfront MRT station is located.  And instead of riding the monorail into Sentosa, we decided to walk the half kilometer long Sentosa Boardwalk beside the bridge that connects the resort island into the main island.
Star Cruises cruise ship

Cruise Ship docked across Sentosa

The Sentosa Boardwalk

The Sentosa Boardwalk

Last year, I was told that the Boardwalk was filled by different beautiful flowers throughout its length.   But this year, there is almost no flower right there.  But anyways, the boardwalk still is a beautiful path to go to Sentosa specially that it has travelators to shorten up your walking experience plus it offers the view of the cruise port.  That day there were two cruiseliners docked.

Upon entering the Sentosa island we start to see the colors of yellow and red in different flowers.   Janine liked the flowers so she posed with them.

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa Sign

Universal Studio Singapore's Globe

Universal Studio Singapore’s Globe

Resorts World Logo

Resorts World Flower decoration

Walking through the Boardwalk leads you to the Resorts World Sentosa portion of the island where they had shops, an oceanarium, and one of newest attraction of Singapore, the Universal Studios Singapore.   Well the globe is quite bigger compared to the one in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Well we did not enter Universal Studios but we were able to take pictures with its Universal Globe.  Also there is this open area there where they had a huge red pole at the center with a yellow dragon twirled to it.    Last Christmas there was a huge Christmas tree there.
Resorts World Logo

Dragon shaped flowers

Resorts World Logo

Janine with Two Dragons behind

Resorts World Logo

Janine with Fish Flowers exhibit

Resorts World Logo

Closeup of one of the flowers they used

As we move further to what used to be the dragon fountains before Resorts World transformed this place to a new attraction, there were dragons of different colors made up of flowers.   Dragons were decorated as means to celebrate the year of the water dragon in the Chinese horoscope.

The Merlion of Sentosa

The Merlion and a Dragon

Walking in further upon reaching the Merlion, they again decorated the place with flowers of yellow and red.   There is also a small area where they had a mini garden with fish made of flowers.   And in the reflecting pool in front of the merlion, they had a pink dragon with white polka dots on green.  All decorated with flowers.

Then we went up the Imbiah hill to check out other stuff up there.  The gardens on the way up were also decorated with flowers.  Basically the inserted flowers into the greens to make the place a bit colorful, just like those dinosaur shaped hedges that they had there.
And on Imbiah Hill, they had this sand sculpture of a dragon which they placed near the Images of Singapore attraction.   Also they had this heart shaped section for photo opps.  Also as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations they had mascots on stilts dressed in the traditional Chinese characters.
A Dragon Sand Sculpture

A Sand Sculpture of a Dragon

It was very sunny that day and even we have not finished the whole Sentosa Flower exhibition, we decided to end the visit and head our way back home.  Anyways there were still some flower decorations set up near the Beach Monorail station.  Maybe next year we’ll try to experience it again.

11 thoughts on “A Day at the Sentosa Flowers 2012

  1. HI this is Anna. Lovely girl. She is so cute with in the beautiful flowers around her. Tanks for sharing the information about sentosa flowers. I wish to attend there as we have a business trip to Singapore this year ending. Nice photograph. Thanks

  2. That first picture is ADORABLE! :)And loved the write-up too…I recently shifted to Bangkok, and will be making a trip to Singapore soon and this post will definitely be bookmarked for future reference!

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