Grand US Tour 2010: First Snow Experience

PauTravels' family in Carson City, Nevada

In continuation to our northern California trip to San Francisco in this month-long US trip of 2010, we then pushed eastward of the Bay Area.   We drove about 4 hours further to the city of Carson in Nevada where we have booked for an overnight stay at Days Inn Carson City.   We intended to go up to the Lake Tahoe area which lies divided by the states of California and Nevada to have our first experience of snow.

So around 10 in the morning after breakfast, we drove away from our hotel in San Francisco with my brother again taking the wheel.   Once more the travel was long but the scenery that we see as we climb up to Tahoe is very different from the path we took from Los Angeles to San Francisco.   Now instead of farm lands, we passed through different towns and as we go further we see pine trees.

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