Euro Trip 2010: 2 Weeks of Brussels

Two weeks in Brussels, Belgium

This year, I had one of the rarest opportunities to have myself set foot for the first time to Europe.   And this is for two weeks in Brussels in the western European country of Belgium.  Aside from being the political capital of Belgium, Brussels also stands as the capital of the influential European Union (EU).  It also serves as the center of the Dutch speaking region of Flanders which is the northern part of Belgium.

And so for two weeks, I was booked at the B-Aparthotels in Square Ambiorix.  Square Ambiorix is a oval shaped park named after one of Belgium’s heroes.  The square had different bronze statues and fountains which are unfortunately not on while I was there.  I’m not sure if it’s related to the climate.  Anyways on both ends of the square are two elongated parks, to the east has a playground while to the west is another open park.   The whole square is also surround by different residential buildings, mostly new buildings but traditional looking buildings line up the streets that ends at Ambiorix.

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