Euro Trip 2010: Road Trip to Antwerp

PauTravels to Antwerp Belgium

On my first day in Belgium, I had gone with the rest of my colleagues on a road trip around Brussels and we first traveled into the nearby city of Leuven.  And after that short visit as the rain started to fall down, we have thought of extending our road trip to Antwerp to the north of Brussels and near the border of Netherlands.

From Leuven, we took a long turn going east on E314 and connecting on E313 going northward into Antwerp. Going into Antwerp was quite a challenge as there were a lot of roads to pass through to actually get into the center.  Entering the city, we pass by its streets where its trams pass through. As we made our way into the city, I have noticed that it seemed that Antwerp residents are of different cultures, many of which are of middle eastern origin.

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