An Island Trip to Palau Bintan

PauTravels by the Welcome to Indonesia banner at the Bintan island Seaport

In 2005, I have decided to celebrate Christmas with my brother and his family in Singapore.  And during this trip, we have planned to jump on a ferry to the nearby island of Bintan in Indonesia.

Bintan is one of the two Indonesian islands that are of close proximity to Singapore reachable by ferries.  The other is Batam island.  These two islands are frequently visited by Singaporeans for leisure and vacation.

And so, we scheduled an overnight stay at the Bintan Lodge within the cluster of Bintan Resorts.  From Singapore, we took the ferry at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal near Changi Airport.  We took the earliest trip to Bintan, which if my memory serves me right, took about an hour ride.  And since we’re going out of Singapore, we had to pass through immigration from Singapore, and as we arrive in Bintan also.

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