Riding the Singapore Flyer

Near the mouth of the Marina Bay, Singapore has erected one of the many landmarks of the city. Just like the London Eye of the United Kingdom, the Singapore Flyer is an architectural wonder that is not easy to miss. Since it’s opening in 2008, the Singapore Flyer has taken the title of being the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world.  It is 30 meters taller than the London Eye.

From a number of times that I have visited Singapore as a tourist in the past and up to the time I have decided to move to Singapore to live and work, I have never planned to riding the flyer.   Well, not because I’m scared of riding one giant Ferris wheel but simply because I find it too expensive to ride.  Plus there are other places around Marina Bay where you can see the city from above.

For a price of S$33 for adults and S$21 for children, you can take a flight on board the flyer.  And it takes about 30 minutes to finish one revolution of the flyer.  Well fortunately, my wife Jen’s company raffles out free tickets for the flyer to its employees and for 2 times, she was able to be picked for the free tickets.   She got free tickets for four people.

Riding the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer

Riding the Singapore Flyer

My Family and the Flyer

Riding the Singapore Flyer

Aboard one of the capsules

The Singapore Flyer is located along the Marina Bay and just beside the F1 Racing Pit Stop building.  Across it is the new Gardens by the Bay.  To reach the flyer, we took the Circle line and alighted at the Promenade MRT station and exited through Exit C and walked from there to the flyer.

In the flyer’s platform, some restaurants and a food court is located for guests wanting to eat.  The flyer also accept private banquets to be held on board the Flyer’s capsules.   On one side of the Flyer’s platform is an office for shuttle buses for Legoland Malaysia.

Anyway, we were able to take the flight on two different occasions.  First was with me, Jen, my two daughters plus our helper and the second time was with my mother-in-law who visited us.

On both occasions, we boarded the flyer around 6:30 PM just when the sun is just starting to set.   But before riding, of course we took some time taking photos with the flyer by its foot.

The wheel is accessible on the second floor of the platform.  Before getting on board, every guests will need to pass through metal detectors to ensure the safety of everyone.   Then guests pass through some exhibits about the Singapore flyer and other stuff.   And just before you get to ride, photographers take some photos of each guest in a green background.

Riding the Singapore Flyer

Restaurants in Singapore Flyer

Riding the Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer’s boarding platform

Then you are able to walk on the actual platform to ride the Flyer.   The wheel moves quite slowly giving ample time for guests to get off and get on.   According to the Singapore Flyer website, it moves at a speed of 0.76 km/h.

Each capsule is cylindrical in shape and big enough to fit 28 persons.  Luckily they do not max out the capacity of each capsule when getting the guests in.

The Flyer moves in a steady pace and the first clear view for each guest would be the rest of Marina Reservoir up the Marina Barrage and the sea beyond it.   The Gardens by the Bay also is at the right side of the view.   Upon reaching the top, guests will start to see the view of Singapore’s Financial district with the Merlion spewing water on Marina Bay.  Well of course, you’ll see the other landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade.

Riding the Singapore Flyer

View of the city from above

Riding the Singapore Flyer

Gardens by the Bay

Riding the Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay

Well after 30 minutes, we are all back on the ground and well it was quite a view to offer.  But if you are not really much interested about cityscapes or high places, I think the Singapore Flyer may be something you can skip in your itinerary.   Anyway with its size, it can be seen as far as the Merlion Park or from the Gardens by the Bay.

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  1. I’ve been to Singapore a few times and love the Marina Bay area. This sounds like a great way to see the city. I’ll certainly try to test it out the next time I visit.

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